Decoding Real Estate Ads: A Helpful Glossary of Terms

Unreal Estate

Every once in a while we need to poke a little fun at ourselves and our industry. This is especially true in stressful world of New York City real estate. Agents often act as Copywriter, Editor, and Designer for their own advertisements, resulting in extremely creative descriptions and interesting new “buzz words” or “catch phrases” designed to catch the eye of a potential buyer or renter. Below is a glossary of terms and definitions poking some much needed fun at our industry’s creative writers.

Original Floors: How did the real estate community fool us into thinking this is a good thing?  Don’t people want new floors?  I mean, I love a good antique chair.  I can even appreciate one of those wooden Pier 1 wash buckets purposefully designed to look weather worn and damaged.  But my floors?!  That’s like driving a Rolls Royce on four bald tires on purpose! 

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