A View From the Bottom: Six Reasons Why You Want a Ground Floor Apartment

You’ve been there. You are at an open house for a first floor apartment staring out the bedroom window estimating the distance to the sidewalk, gauging the noise levels from traffic, and waiting to see if passers by look directly into the apartment as they pass. You whisper under your breath, “I love this apartment, […]

Deadlines Within Deadlines: Cooperative Board Packages and Commitment Letters

The following article was written by the fine folks at Weidenbaum & Harari, LLP – an excellent real estate law firm in New York City. I have been enthusiastically recommending my buyers and sellers to Barry Weidenbaum for a decade and plan to continue doing so for the next decade to come. This – along with every article on their site – is a great read and worthwhile information for any co-op purchaser, so I thought it would be beneficial to my readers. Thank you Barry and enjoy the article!