Leaping Forward And Looking Back: An Important Announcement From Eirik At Unreal Estate

Dear Friends, Readers, Colleagues and Clients,

For the last two years I have used my blog as a way to educate my readers on various facets of New York City Real Estate.  However, today I use it for a much more personal purpose. At the end of this month, I will be leaving Cooper & Cooper Real Estate to pursue the next big step in my life and career.  Before I address where I am going and what I plan to do, I think it is appropriate to address where I’ve come from and what I have done.

I have been with C&C for nearly a decade.  When I was introduced to Jeremy and Jordan Cooper in 2006, I was a newly married struggling actor with a bad knee and a desperate need to – as my dad likes to say – “make a buck”.  The Cooper Brothers were the Partners of a very young and small brokerage firm in its second year of business and a passionate focus on honesty, integrity and customer service. From the moment I met them I could tell they were creating something exciting, unique and special, and I wanted to be a part of it.  I took a chance on them and they took a chance on me – for that I will be forever grateful.  I certainly would not have a successful career or bright future in real estate without the opportunities, coaching, mentorship and guidance they have given me.

I am extremely proud of the last nine years with C&C and what we have accomplished.  Cooper & Cooper has grown into one of NYC’s most respected residential real estate firms by conducting business in a manner which would make our parents and loved ones proud. For my part, was lucky enough to have had fantastic mentors and caring colleagues, who helped me shape a successful career. And, when I was given the opportunity to lead, I took it.  As a result, I was able to hire, train, coach and manage some of the finest people you can ever dream to work with – they also happen to be dynamite real estate professionals with incredible careers ahead of them.

As for my plan, I am as they say “leaping without a net”.  That is of course if by “net” you mean a Plan B, as opposed to a soft place to land.  This is a calculated decision on my part as I intend to entertain all possible options and truly own the next step in my career.  I am truly blessed to have an incredibly supportive wife and family by my side coupled with a tremendous sense of excitement and comfort that big things lie ahead.  I believe in my potential, my abilities and my future.  I am available, and that feels fantastic.

P.S.  I will continue to write this blog and give sound real estate advice as I think it is invaluable to those looking to buy, rent or sell an apartment in the crazy and dysfunctional world of NYC Real Estate.  Stay tuned for my next blog and thank you for taking the time to read this one!

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