What’s Up With Down Payment?

Originally posted on Unreal Estate:
I am often asked by buyers, “Why does the seller care about my down payment amount? As long as I am satisfying the building’s down payment requirement, and the bank has approved the loan, aren’t they getting their money at the closing table whether I ‘put down’ 20%, 50% or 100%?”…

Purchasing an Apartment in New York City, Part 7: The Package has been Delivered, The Baby’s in the Crib, The Eagle has Landed, The Fox is in the Henhouse – Management & Board Review

Welcome to Part 7 of my ongoing blog series, “Purchasing an Apartment in New York City”. In Part 6 of the series – “The Bank” – I focused on the role your lending institution plays in the purchase process, assuming you are financing a portion of purchase. In Part 7, I will attempt to mentally prepare […]

With Gratitude on Memorial Day

It is difficult to express my level of gratitude to generations of fallen soldiers (and their loved ones) who have provided me the opportunity to dream, succeed, thrive and exist. I feel truly lucky to live in a country of heroes – both past and present – who fight for us and die for us. It is […]